Sunburst Tanning Solution

Sunburst Tanning Solution

Medium Winter, Summer Tan Color

Dynamic sizzling summer color, available for clients of every skin type.This cutting edge formula stretches the limits of the Sunless tanning envelope. Obtain color and fading never before found in a sun-free formula. Masterfully mimics the natural gradual fade only previously seen with a UV based tan. Superb color retention, even after shaving and swimming.

This is the product that your clients and technicians have been searching for.

It provides smooth, even, and deep dermal penetration, for slow and steady fading. Bursting with skin nurturing anti-oxidants and a rich botanical foundation to maintain and enhance optimal skin health.

This is a concentrated formula, making it ideal for clients who have difficulty getting deep color with other products. Because of the color intensity, we strongly recommend you don't over apply. Most clients get superior color and fading with only a single coat application of one to one and one half ounces of product. True tropical color, without the Sun.

Sunburst 8% is the perfect product for 90% of your client base, who will find this solution, gives them the most natural toned tan. The 8% product is appropriate for a large range of skin types, and can be custom applied lighter or heavier, based on each individual clients skin, or preference. The 8% solution is the ideal product for a lush healthy tan for both light and dark European skin types. It will also work well on the lighter skinned Mediterranean, Oriental, or Hispanic heritage client. Nicely enhances skin types one through four.

This unique blend of natural ingredients will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. Unlike many other tanning solutions, Perfect Solution does NOT use alcohol or other harsh chemicals which often contribute to dry skin and allergic reactions. Perfect Solution is made using the finest all natural ingredients money can buy and contains high levels of Antioxidants a very important consideration when choosing a Sunless Tanning Solution.

Each hand-made batch of Perfect Solution Tanning Solution is made to order; so you are assured of the freshest product each and every time. This revolutionary tanning solution with SPF 15 actually helps protect and rejuvenate the skin, enabling a longer-lasting, slow-even fading air brush tan with minimal rub-off. Perfect Solution Tanning Solution has incredible staying power and dries almost immediately upon application.

Perfect Solution Tanning Solution is the most forgiving product on the market. Even a novice airbrush artist can create a flawless tan because the solution actually 'corrects' itself after application. Its' natural color guide offers a realistic view of how consumers can expect their tan to look after the post tan shower.

The clear version is ideally formulated for special client conditions that may benefit from limiting the use of a tinted solution. The majority of our client's find the tinted solutions work wonderfully, even on acne prone skin, and our specially blended solution's, all natural formulation, has not historically been a problem. But some clients do have special skin concerns that may make them more sensitive then normal, or may prefer an un-tinted solution.

These could include enlarged pores, acne, excess skin dryness, facial scabs, atypical sensitivities, or other concerns. The Perfect Solution in clear will perfectly accommodate that need.This is also a wonderful solution for bridal wear, and formal wear, or 'lunch hour' tans, where tint rub off onto clothing, or the immediate 'bronzed look' is unwanted. The clear product delivers the same succulent sun kissed glow, as the tinted solution, but without the added 'instant bronze'. The client will leave, without looking 'freshly tanned' and their tan will develop, and intensify, gradually and evenly over the next few hours. Perfect Solution Tanning Solution's are unscented. Afterwards, clients will look, and feel beautiful. Perfect Solution unique ultra-moisturizing tanning solution guarantees optimal performance and ultimately pure satisfaction.