About Us

Sunless spray on tanning has become one of the most popular Beauty Treatments in Canada and is the fastest growing sector in the Health and Beauty industry.

With The Perfect Solution our clients are realizing they can have the perfect tan, natural and flawless with no runs or streaks.. The Perfect Solution carries two tanning solutions- 8 % Sunburst and 8 % Malibu tan. Booster drops can be added to the solution to achieve a darker glow - experience shows that 90% of your clientele will use an 8% solution and booster drops are a great way to up sell and satisfy your clients needs.

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With six years in the sunless tanning business we have honed our craft to perfection. All of our employees have had extensive training in assessing skin type and impart their knowledge to our clientele whether they are new to the business or already established and wish to find a more natural looking solution. As well, we have sprayed hundreds of clients and give training tips to our new Perfect Solution clientele.

Our solution is one of the top selling solutions worldwide and we have been using it for over six years with incredible success rate. We have been using this solution at our spray tanning studio and our sales climb every month.. Within the first 4 months of operation we had already realized a profit. We at The Perfect Solution can guide you to the same success rate we have experienced. The Perfect Solution also carries a skin care line of natural, plant based ingredients to keep our overall product line as natural and as safe as any on the market.

Our website has been purposely made “green” to let our clientele know they are choosing a product that is superior and moisturizing and nourishing for the skin.

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